About Us

Sankawa Packaging (S) Pte Ltd was founded in 1989 to be the first and leading "Total Packaging Specialist" in Singapore. It focuses on the concept of tailored packaging one-stop-shop for all packaging needs.

We believe in offering good services, quality products and prompt delivery, J.I.T. system to all our valued customers. Our company is the first packaging company in Singapore to obtain the innovation of develop methodology of PU Foam Cushion Curve for multiple slot packaging design fro PSB which enable it to cut downtime in PU Foam packaging design by 50%.

Our future plan would be the emphasis on environmental friendly products like the recycled, reusable PE/PU Foam & kraft paper. We intend to develop new products such as the floating board. We will also channel our efforts into the technical know-how on cushion packaging design like the PE/PU Foam for sensitive electronic devices.

ACTIVITIES : Manufacturer and converter of spool / hardboard reel, Steel interleaving kraft paper / Neutral kraft paper rolls. PE foam (Suntec foam) / Anti-static PE foam sheet, PU foam (Sponge) / Anti-static PU foam sheet, EPS (Polyfoam) cushion / Cutsheet, plastic corrugated sheet / tray / box, corrugated Carton box / tray. Design & development services.