Corrugated Plastic Packaging

Corrugated Plastic is used when there is a need for more durable and liquid resistant alternative to the standard Corrugated Paper Packaging. Our corrugated plastic is made from extruded, fluted Polypropylene material which is preferred across multiple heavy duty industries.

We offer expertise in design and manufacturing of Corrugated Plastic Packaging for various needs. Please use the links below to view our range of Corrugated Plastic Packaging products. If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, please contact us and we can create a design for almost any industry or application.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Corrugated Plastic Boxes can also be manufactured according to the standard boxes design and to your unique requirements. SilkScreen Printing can also be done on Corrugated Plastic whenever it is required. We offer customisation for our Corrugated Plastic Boxes to fit your requirements.


Corrugated Plastic Partitioned Packaging

Our Corrugated Plastic Partitions or dividers are useful if you want to sort out multiple heavy duty parts within a box or a tray. They are commonly used with our Corrugated Plastic Boxes and Stacking Trays. All our partitions or dividers can be customised according to your production needs and requirements.



Corrugated Plastic Reinforced Boxes

The usual Corrugated Plastic Boxes can also be reinforced with plastic or aluminum frames to increase the durability and sturdiness of the box. This is often used in production process where heavy duty packaging is needed. With the high durability and sturdiness, these boxes can also be re-used to increase the cost effectiveness.

We offer customisable designs and reinforcements can be done to the box as per your requirements.

Corrugated Plastic Trays are often used for internal production processes. Corrugated Plastic Partitions can be added to the trays, and plastic or aluminum frames can be added as reinforcements. The trays can also be fixed with stackable corners to fit into your racking system.

Various customisable options are available for our trays and we can design them as per your requirements


Corrugated Plastic Spools

Corrugated Plastic Spools offer a much higher durability and liquid resistance for more heavy duty needs in packaging your linear winding products. Due to the high durability, our Corrugated Plastic Spools can also be re-used, increasing its cost effectiveness.

We offer customisable designs for our Corrugated Plastic Spools to meet your requirements.