Corrugated Paper Packaging

Other than providing packaging products, we provide a range of complimentary service that really sets us apart. These services are provided to our clients in our 20+ years of business during which we’ve refined them and adding more value. 

We place a huge focus on customers’ feedback, our service to our customers, and customers’ satisfaction. We strive to be the packaging partner of choice for both multinational companies and smaller manufacturing companies. Our goal is always to build a lasting relationship through our services.

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Corrugated cardboard spools

Our corrugated cardboard spools are designed to package any linearly wound products. Manufactured from durable corrugated cardboard, it provides a long lasting and cost effective packaging solution for all your requirements.

The perfect spool can be developed by our team to fit your product and production methods.


Corrugated Partitioned Packaging

Corrugated Partitioned Packaging is ideal to store multiple products separately in a box. The partitions are made from durable corrugated paper. Each slots in the partitions are measured precisely to allow durability and optimised usage of space in the box. The corrugated partitioned packaging can be customised according to your requirements.


Lock Bottom Boxes

Crash lock boxes are quick and efficient during assembly which results in cost and time saving by our users. We provide high quality and durable crash lock boxes that offer high performance and durability as well.

All our crash lock boxes are manufactured in house which can be delivered in a flatten form to save on storage space. This allows storage of large number of crash lock boxes at your site without taking up too much space.

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Regular Slotted Container Boxes (RSC Boxes)

RSC boxes are the most commonly used design. It is able to fulfil packaging needs of branded retails to heavy duty requirements. Simple printing can also be done to provide packaging information for your end users.

Apart from providing standard sizes, we offer a completely custom design service to suit your exact requirement.

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