Other than providing packaging products, we provide a range of complimentary service that really sets us apart. These services are provided to our clients in our 20+ years of business during which we’ve refined them and adding more value. 

We place a huge focus on customers’ feedback, our service to our customers, and customers’ satisfaction. We strive to be the packaging partner of choice for both multinational companies and smaller manufacturing companies. Our goal is always to build a lasting relationship through our services.

Please use the link below to find out more about our range of services that we provide. 

Aerospace Packaging Solutions

We’ve devised packaging solutions that can safely protect aircraft engine parts during transit. Understanding that engine parts can be easily rejected, we ensure our packaging can safely and securely protect these engine parts.

We’ve developed solutions that allow export of parts in high volume with ease and efficiency. Our packaging solutions allow smooth transition between engine workshops to engine assembly. 


Asaclean™ Consultation

Together with Asaclean consultants, we provide free consultant and review of your purging process. During consultation, we will visit your purging site to diagnose and provide solutions that can help improve your purging results. 


Customisable Packaging Solutions

Not all products are similar, and we understand that packaging is the first exposure to our clients’ end users. Hence we take pride in our expertly designed and customised packaging. We aim to meet every packaging requirement of our clients through our experience and sincere learning of your requirements. 

Apart from the appearance, we place a huge emphasis on the structural design of our packaging product for our clients. We aim to understand the crucial stress points of your product and how it will be delivered and from there, we can develop a packaging design that is structurally strong. 

To find out more about how we can achieve this and how our team can help you, please send us an enquiry by the enquiry cart to contact us.