Corrugated Paper Packaging is the standard material for all packaging needs. They are cost effective and can be made durable with various paper grades and corrugation methods.

With over 20 years of expertise in design and manufacturing of Corrugated Paper Packaging, we have served multiple industries and provided numerous Corrugated Paper Packaging solutions. 

Please use the links below to view our range of Corrugated Paper Packaging products. If you can’t find anything you’re looking for, please contact us and we can create a design for almost any industry or application.

Corrugated Plastic Reinforced Boxes

The usual Corrugated Plastic Boxes can also be reinforced with plastic or aluminum frames to increase the durability and sturdiness of the box. This is often used in production process where heavy duty packaging is needed. With the high durability and sturdiness, these boxes can also be re-used to increase the cost effectiveness.

We offer customisable designs and reinforcements can be done to the box as per your requirements.

Corrugated Plastic Trays are often used for internal production processes. Corrugated Plastic Partitions can be added to the trays, and plastic or aluminum frames can be added as reinforcements. The trays can also be fixed with stackable corners to fit into your racking system.

Various customisable options are available for our trays and we can design them as per your requirements


Lock Bottom Boxes

Crash lock boxes are quick and efficient during assembly which results in cost and time saving by our users. We provide high quality and durable crash lock boxes that offer high performance and durability as well.

All our crash lock boxes are manufactured in house which can be delivered in a flatten form to save on storage space. This allows storage of large number of crash lock boxes at your site without taking up too much space.

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PE foam packaging

PE Foam inserts are designed to provide added protection and support to your products. They can be used to only protect the crucial points of your product and as a place holder in a packaging. The added water resistant nature of the PE Foam makes it ideal to protect products that is sensitive to moisture.

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PE Foams trays are designed to provide a flat lay overview of your products while securely fasten every single components of your products. This is ideal if your products consist of many different components and a flat lay overview is desired. We can customise our PE foam trays to fit every component of your products and securely fasten them to the tray. PE Foam has an added water resistant property so it is ideal to protect your water sensitive products.

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Red PE foam is anti static for PE packaging


PU foam Packaging

PU Foams are softer than PE foams and highly condensable. This makes it ideal to protect products with highly irregular shapes. Our PU foam inserts can be used as an added cushioning against shock and vibration. The PU Foams can also be condensed to fit into small corners or irregular areas of the packaging to provide additional support for your products. We can customised our PU foams inserts according to your packaging needs.

PU Foams trays can be used if a flat lay overview is required for your packaging needs. The high plasticity of PU foams allows a better fit for irregular shapes. PU Foams trays provide added support to many components while providing a flat lay overview. Our PU Foams trays can be customised to fit every component of your product and securely fastening them to the tray.


Regular Slotted Container Boxes (RSC Boxes)

RSC boxes are the most commonly used design. It is able to fulfil packaging needs of branded retails to heavy duty requirements. Simple printing can also be done to provide packaging information for your end users.

Apart from providing standard sizes, we offer a completely custom design service to suit your exact requirement.

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