Other than providing packaging products, we provide a range of complimentary service that really sets us apart. These services are provided to our clients in our 20+ years of business during which we’ve refined them and adding more value. 

We place a huge focus on customers’ feedback, our service to our customers, and customers’ satisfaction. We strive to be the packaging partner of choice for both multinational companies and smaller manufacturing companies. Our goal is always to build a lasting relationship through our services.

Please use the link below to find out more about our range of services that we provide. 

Customised Vendor Inventory Management

We have been the packaging partner of choice for many companies due to our ability to reduce packaging stock for our clients. Many of our clients have limited warehouse space and only require packaging materials at the delivery phase, stocking up on packaging material will cause a huge constraint on their operations. 

We practice Just-In-Time delivery service for all our clients. This enables us to respond quickly to our clients’ needs, helping our clients to free up warehouse space and still have packaging materials on hand when needed.

To find out more about how we can achieve this and how our team can help you, please send us an enquiry by the enquiry cart to contact us.


Health Sciences Packaging Solutions

We provide packaging solutions that suit the needs of our health sciences partners. Our packaging materials for the health sciences industry are specially sourced to ensure high resistance to moisture while securing the medical products safely during transportation



Our philosophy to packaging is about providing cost effective packaging solutions. This philosophy helped us to achieve the maximum packaging protection of your product by using the most effective of packaging materials. 

Our approach to packaging design is to first understand your packaging needs and your product. We will then provide the proper advice for your packaging needs – whether on packaging reusability or modular solutions for various products.